Bitcoin PC – Why you need a Bitcoin computer!

Besides trading with bitcoins, there is also the possibility to produce them yourself through mining. This can be done with the right Bitcoin PC. Once set up, it runs on the side, generating BTC and a passive income. But what do you need? And is the purchase also worthwhile?

Why the mining?
The computers are needed to dig new BTCs. You have to complete difficult mathematical tasks and thereby create a new block of the blockchain. This is an important task, as transactions are verified when solving these mathematical formulas. Without digging, as it is also called in the German-speaking world, it would not be possible to send crypto currencies.

New bitcoins are then created as a reward for the miners. The reward is also necessary because mining costs money. Not only is the purchase of hardware expensive, high electricity costs are also incurred when digging. That’s why buying a PC is all about finding the right model that bridges the gap between performance and economy.

PC Mining
Purchase a Bitcoin PC
Many people swear by ASICs for mining, especially Antminer. These are processors designed specifically for mining. However, these are now so expensive that you can think about buying a complete rig. This is a complete PC that is primarily used for digging. It was not always created specifically for this purpose, so there are also gamer PCs that are very well suited for this work. Because for both you need a powerful graphics card.

Sometimes one can also think about using a computer that is already in the living room. But you have to consider that you really need the latest hardware to be able to earn something with the Bitcoin PC. The higher the performance, the higher the probability of creating a new block. The process is quite random and your computer will compete with thousands of others around the world.

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