The development of Ethereum Code

The development of the stock market began in 2011, most of which was completed in 2013, but the team wanted to take some time to remedy minor shortcomings. KuCoin was only launched in September 2017. The exchange is supported by companies such as GF Securities, Ant Financial, Jianbang Communication, Youling and iBOX Pay.

pros and cons
The crypto currency is not suitable as a digital means of payment. Its sole purpose is to be held for trading on the stock exchange of the same name. As useful as it may be for Exchange users, there are no real application areas for the coin outside the Exchange.

Ethereum Code is not suitable

KuCoin Shares could still pay off in the event that the stock market continues to gain momentum and attract more users. If you often want to use the stock exchange or simply want to earn a passive income by holding the token in your wallet, you might be interested in Ethereum Code buying it. So far it looks good for the stock market and since the team wants to deflate the coin until a fixed amount is reached, the forecast should look good and the token could possibly continue to gain in value.

KuCoin Shares Price – Development – Forecast
The price remained quiet at the start in November 2017 and fluctuated around 40 cents. Only in December the course went uphill. By the end of 2017, the token had reached a value of €3 per token.

In 2018 the KuCoin Shares course reached new heights. Within a week, the value of the token increases fivefold. On January 10, 2018, the token was quoted at 16 €. Then the hype about the crypto currencies subsided and for the rest of the month things continued to go downhill. On January 31, the token was worth only 6 euros. From then on, the price fell further and stabilised around €2.

What prognosis can be inferred from this? The token is still very young. A month after it could be traded, the stock markets were gripped by a general euphoria that also carried the KCS token with it. The price increase around December/January is therefore not due to the quality of the token. The same applies to the descent afterwards. However, it can be seen from the development that the KCS token is still better positioned than in the previous year despite the price losses.

KuCoin Shares Price
Create Wallet
The token is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. All wallets that can hold tokens based on Ethereum are thus suitable as KuCoin Shares Wallets. MyEtherWallet is one of these wallets and can be installed simply by selecting “Create New Wallet” on their website. Then it’s a matter of downloading a keystore file and keeping it safe, as well as the private key. Both should activate the MyEther Wallet.

Where can I buy the KuCoin Shares Token?
The only place to buy KuCoin shares so far is its crypto exchange. The token cannot be bought with dollars or euros, instead it must be exchanged for bitcoin, ether or tether.

The crypto currency offers a passive income and an incentive to make extensive use of the KuCoin shares exchange. Its developers have ambitious plans and firmly believe that the stock market will continue to grow.

Nasdaq holds secret meeting to legitimize Bitcoin Trader

With emerging regulations and institutional solutions, Wall Street is slowly adopting Bitcoin & Co. as a legitimate digital asset class. On July 27, 2018, the Nasdaq held a closed meeting with executives of traditional stock exchange and crypto companies to discuss the future of the crypto sector.

Nasdaq gathers crypto Round Table

Nasdaq held a secret meeting in Chicago with representatives of a dozen crypto companies and traditional stock exchanges, Bloomberg reported. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, co-founders of the Gemini Exchange, attended the meeting after learning that their latest Bitcoin ETF application was rejected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

During the meeting, participants discussed the implications of future crypto regulations and the tools and monitoring technologies required to enter regulated markets. According to Bloomberg, the Nasdaq plans to hold further similar meetings in the future for ongoing discussion among participants.

Nasdaq CEO opts for Bitcoin Trader

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman has already taken steps to promote the Bitcoin Trader exchange of crypto currencies with a forward-looking approach to the crypto currency. In early July 2018, Gemini entered into a partnership with Nasdaq to monitor trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum through Nasdaq’s SMARTS market monitoring systems. Earlier this week, Nasdaq announced it was supplying market surveillance technologies to five crypto exchanges, including SBI Virtual Currencies and Gemini.


Friedman recently expressed optimism for the growing digital economy, saying that onlinebetrug crypto currency is the “right next step in the currency space” and that the underlying technology enables “more efficient” value transfer across borders.

Bitcoin & Co. the right next step in the currency space. CLICK TO TWEET

In a CNN podcast on May 7, Friedman stated

How it develops and which of the crypto currencies may ultimately be the one that is ultimately selected, I think that the jury is still not clear about it. But I think the idea of a more globalised payment mechanism that is more efficient than what we have today allows money to be transferred between countries and certainly supports the Internet economy.

Friedman told CNBC’s Squawk Box that the Nasdaq would even consider a crypto exchange once the sector is mature and the rules are in place. In the interview Friedman was asked if she believed in crypto currencies, to which she replied as follows:

The hardware you need for Bitcoin

As already said, the most important thing is the graphics card. It is the graphics card that has to solve the difficult mathematical tasks. Popular series are mainly Nvidia, Radeon and AMD. The GeForce GTC 1070 or 1080 is often used for digging. For Radeon it is often the RX 470/480 or RX 570/580, for AMD the choice is the Vega 56 graphics card.

Not only the performance of the graphics cards is important, but also the efficiency. The electricity costs must always be kept in mind. Because if the electricity costs are higher than the profits, then the whole process does not pay off.
Apart from the graphics card, there are other hardware that are important for your rig, but the highest costs definitely go to the GPUs. The housing, for example, can be unadorned and, if possible, even open. This favours cooling inside. In addition, they often offer more space for several GPUs.

Bitcoin Code for better Bitcoin Mining

With motherboards, stability is the most important factor. Most of the power is provided by the graphics cards anyway. If you want the motherboard to handle multiple graphics cards, you probably need a PCIe riser card. No high demands are placed on the CPU (as long as the graphics card takes over the mining). 4 – 8 Gygabites on DRAM are perfectly sufficient. The power supply, on the other hand, doesn’t have it easy, because digging consumes a lot of power. The top models from EVGA, Seasonic or Corsair are a good choice here. Under no circumstances should you save on the power supply unit, because if it burns out, damage may occur.
However, when it comes to RAM and storage space, no high demands are placed on mining. 8 GB is a good choice, even 4 GB can be enough. If the Bitcoin PC is used for nothing else than digging, then it does not need much storage space.
If you don’t want to put together your own rig, you can also buy a computer that has already been put together. The Alienware models are a good choice for a mining computer. Computers that are actually intended for gaming are very well suited for mining due to their strong GPUs.
The advantage of buying a complete Bitcoin PC is that it could be cheaper in a package than buying the expensive graphics cards separately. And if the digging doesn’t work, why not at least use it for gambling?

Buy Mining Rig
Mining software and the pool
All the Bitcoin PC needs to start digging is the right software. Fortunately, this is available free of charge on the Internet. Some of them need knowledge of the command line to set up the mining correctly. For example, the very popular program CGMiner. Some programs are connected to a special mining pool.

The pool should be interesting for all those miners who are not sure if their computer would be able to load enough BTC. The pool consists of several participants, all of whom bundle their mining performance, which increases the probability that a new block will also be created. The reward is distributed to the participants of the pool.

This is the most common way of digging at the moment, because most Bitcoin PCs are not able to recoup their costs on their own. If you are unsure if the mining will work, look for a serious pool.

Bitcoin PC – Why you need a Bitcoin computer!

Besides trading with bitcoins, there is also the possibility to produce them yourself through mining. This can be done with the right Bitcoin PC. Once set up, it runs on the side, generating BTC and a passive income. But what do you need? And is the purchase also worthwhile?

Why the mining?
The computers are needed to dig new BTCs. You have to complete difficult mathematical tasks and thereby create a new block of the blockchain. This is an important task, as transactions are verified when solving these mathematical formulas. Without digging, as it is also called in the German-speaking world, it would not be possible to send crypto currencies.

New bitcoins are then created as a reward for the miners. The reward is also necessary because mining costs money. Not only is the purchase of hardware expensive, high electricity costs are also incurred when digging. That’s why buying a PC is all about finding the right model that bridges the gap between performance and economy.

PC Mining
Purchase a Bitcoin PC
Many people swear by ASICs for mining, especially Antminer. These are processors designed specifically for mining. However, these are now so expensive that you can think about buying a complete rig. This is a complete PC that is primarily used for digging. It was not always created specifically for this purpose, so there are also gamer PCs that are very well suited for this work. Because for both you need a powerful graphics card.

Sometimes one can also think about using a computer that is already in the living room. But you have to consider that you really need the latest hardware to be able to earn something with the Bitcoin PC. The higher the performance, the higher the probability of creating a new block. The process is quite random and your computer will compete with thousands of others around the world.

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